The KACDF Foundation for the promotion and exposure of art. Its activities aim towards:
•The creation of a specialized documentary center for art information, Its promotion, through activities that lead to the development and knowledge of the visual arts and architecture, with national and international focus.
•Stimulating, promoting and divulging scientific and aesthetic research on visual arts and architecture.
•National and foreign exposure, by means of the physical or electronic publication of art works, catalogues, books, magazines, brochures and any similar media or through the organization of forums, conferences, seminars or other events, for the development of visual arts and architecture, focusing on ASIA, USA and the rest of the world.

Coming soon, the KACDF Foundation Documentation Centre will offer a remote access service from anywhere on the Web to the bibliographic registry of the documents in its data base, through the use of the SIABUC software program. The KACDF Foundation owns a collection of bibliographic material that consists of printed material books, magazines, booklets, and catalogs as well as other magnetic, photographic, and electronic (slides, CD-ROMs, diskettes) support at the service of the national and international artistic community.

The bibliographical collection and the services associated with it are designed to provide informational support to artists, art researchers, university art students, journalists, and university professors. The Documentation Centre employs an ideal team of bibliotechnology-skilled professionals able to meet the informational needs of its various users.
•Data base design and implementation. The Centre acquired a license to use SIABUC, a software program jointly developed by the University of Colima in Mexico and the UNESCO that enables documentation centers and/or libraries to perform their technical and administrative functions.
•Entry of records in the data base. More than? catalogs, compact discs, and books, have been classified, cataloged, analyzed, and physically prepared (labeled, tagged, bar coded, stamped) between September 2005 and December 2010.

To: Dr. Hong Bum Rhee
The mission is to champion cultural projects and mainly Korean and American art exchange projects, exhibitions, art symposiums, lectures, workshops, non-commercial initiatives related to artworks promotion in USA and abroad.
„In Harmony with Nature”
KACDF art exhibition 2011 held at CCAA Museum of Art is a unique project, taking place in Rancho Cucamonga, California during May and August of 2011. This substantial long term exhibition, which includes many art events spread throughout the city, is the first of its kind in Korea bailed Buddha statues in the deep mountain, this documentary photography is one of few in the world. It is a city-wide celebration, which is expected to raise broad public interest and to become a beacon in both Korean and American culture. The related events are slated to take place during the months of May and August of 2011, and are supported by KACDF and Micro Energy Group.
KACDF Project Mission Presentation
KACDF Art Fest is a unique international project that will offer the public varying distinctive works of art, chosen for their ability to maintain a smooth dialogue with nature, leading to the idea for a new eco-vision of fine arts and Photography. Artists of international repute as well as domestic will display a diversity of artworks, distinguished by their high social relevance. The Art Fest focuses not only on demonstrating the destructive influence of humans on the environment as has been the case in much recent art, but also the artistic or creative spirit and ingenious approach to the resolution of these effects.

The positive aspects of this global event will have an infectious result not only on the local population, but also on international visitors who are in great need today to see the creative spirit in action. The Art Fest will create a spirit of vitality, freedom, and new thinking that will provoke the young generation to renew their human achievement. At the same time, the organized activities for young people and students that will be part of the Art Fest will learn photojournalism and documentary photography more accessible for those, who possess artistic ambition to aspirate to extraordinary and challenging art forms.

The event will have comprehensive international media coverage and a highly visible PR strategy that will attract many institutions inspired by the project’s idea.